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Bio Tuning


My goal with each patient is to identify and treat the cause of disease.  What I see clinically is that chronic stress is the root cause of most disease.  Although life is much easier now with the conveniences of modern technology, our bodies were not designed to live in the 21st Century.  Health issues such as depression, anxiety and sleep disruption are some of the consequences.  In a healthy individual, the sympathetic system (fight-or-flight response) should switch into the parasympathetic system (repair-regeneration) within 3 minutes of resting.  This is not happening for most people!  Stress has become a permanent-hardwired feeling in the body for most of us.  This is where Bio-Tuning® comes into play.  It brings a person’s nervous system into homeostasis (balance) through the use of vibro-acoustic therapy (where all the body senses are utilized). 


A custom Bio-Tuning® session involves laying fully clothed and facing up on a finely tuned, patented sound table.  A real-time heart rate variability monitor is placed on the wrists.  I then conduct a sound sweep through the table while I watch a computer monitor to note the exact moment when your body is able to cross into parasympathetic mode (self-healing).  This is the moment sound helped you reach homeostasis!  Much like a fingerprint belongs to only you, so does your exact Fundamental Frequency.  I then create a customized soundtrack which is played through headphones and through the vibration of the sound table.  The customized soundtrack includes 3 key elements of sound to balance your nervous system; Binaural Beats, Five Octaves of Your Personal Frequency and Primordial & Nature Sounds.  The sound portion of your session is digitally recorded for you using a wav file so you can listen nightly.  


As the brain and nervous system are balanced, miraculous changes occur.  Bio-Tuning® has long-term benefits and is safe for all ages and conditions.  Patients report feeling more calm, able to manage stress better, greatly improved sleep and a sense of hopefulness.


I learned about this amazing healing therapy while watching the 2017 documentary “Heal” on Netflix.  The film features several doctors, including Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC who has over 30 years of clinical experience and research showing how sound therapy helps activate self-healing.  I knew instantly this was the therapy I was searching for!  Since then, I have traveled to The Center for Neuroacoustic Research in Carlsbad, California and have completed his Bio-Tuning® training program and certification.


Series of 8 custom Bio-Tuning® sessions to entrain the brain and nervous system.  In-office sessions are recommended every

2-4 weeks.

Session 1            1 hour                         $154.00  

Session 2-8      40 minute                   $95.00

SANDISK WAV PLAYER             $45.00

This portable player allows you to listen daily to your customized soundtrack in the convenience of your home.  This device allows all the frequencies to be present instead of compressing the files.


Naturopathic visits can be scheduled before a Bio-Tuning® session and are billed as usual with copay due at the time of service.

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