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I found Dr. Jenn last spring, after months of experiencing a growing array of new & unsettling symptoms for which traditional doctors couldn't seem to identify a cause. Between several previous visits to my GP, an ENT, neurologist, urgent care three times, and even the emergency well as various tests (MRI, ultrasound), I was left feeling hopeless. As a normally "healthy" and very energetic person, my physical health had become unlike anything I had ever experienced, and the fear of the unknown began to affect my mental health, as well.


My first visit with Dr. Jenn was so comforting. She took the time to thoroughly discuss my symptoms which included dizziness, heart palpitations, anxiety, nausea, utter exhaustion, and more. She was the first, (and only) doctor to suggest that my hormones were likely at the center of my situation. After blood work and further conversation, she had identified key deficiencies that could be remedied with diet, supplementation, and incorporating positive strategies into my daily life. Within a matter of weeks, I was on the road to feeling like myself again, and, most importantly, I had hope! In the months since then, Dr. Jenn has continued to meet with me on a regular basis. We have been able to make adjustments as my health and healing journey has progressed forward. I cannot imagine where my life would be today without her insights, expertise and incredibly genuine disposition.  

- Mollie C.

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